What is the Pioreactor?

The Pioreactor is an open-source, affordable, and extensible bioreactor platform. The goal is to enable biologists, educators, DIYers, biohackers, and enthusiasts to be able to reliably control and study microorganisms.

We hope to empower the next generation of builders, similar to the Raspberry Pi's influence on our imagination (in fact, at the core of our hardware is a Raspberry Pi). However, the builders in mind are those who are looking to use biology, or computer science, or both, to achieve their goals. For research, the affordable price point enables fleets of Pioreactors to study large experiment spaces. For educators and students, the Pioreactor is a learning tool to study a wide variety of microbiology, electrical engineering, and computer science principles. For enthusiasts, the control and extensibility of the Pioreactor gives them a platform to build their next project on-top of.

Looking for help?

Contact us at support@pioreactor.com



The Pioreactor refers to the hardware that houses the micro-organisms, the Raspberry Pi hat, and the pumps that control the IO. All the pieces are commodity pieces, which means they can be swapped out for replacements or improvements. The Raspberry Pi computer controls the input and output of the bioreactor, a constant stream of biological data, and hosts our web-based user-interface for controlling the Pioreactors.

Pioreactor App

Pioreactor app is an application that lives inside the Raspberry Pi and interfaces with the electronics on the bioreactors. It controls the configuration of bioreactors individually and in concert. The PioreactorApp also handles the data flow, webserver for PioreactorUI, and exposes an API for other apps to control the bioreactors.

Web interface

Using the web interface, users can use to create experiments, monitor progress, and control each aspect of Pioreactors.

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