Pioreactor 20ml v1.1

$249.00 USD
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Pioreactor 20ml v1.1

$249.00 USD
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The Pioreactor 20ml is a bioreactor designed for researchers, students, bio-enthusiasts, and professionals. Build it, learn with it, and extend it to do things you've never done with a bioreactor before. Learn about how it works and it's many features

The Pioreactor comes in a kit that takes about 30 minutes to assemble. 


  • Pioreactor HAT for your Raspberry Pi
  • Heating and temperature circuit board (ambient → ambient + 25°C)
  • Stirring assembly and 3x10mm PTFE stir bar
  • IR photodiodes & IR LED for optical density measurements
  • 20ml glass vial, custom vial cap with inlet/outlet silicone tubes and male luer locks
  • All necessary assembly screws, nuts, and standoffs
  • Software & future updates are free, forever. 
  • Optional: a Raspberry Pi Zero 2, with headers

If using the Pioreactor for chemostats or turbidostats, also add
peristaltic pumps to your order.

We highly recommend getting a good 5V power supply unit for your Raspberry Pi / Pioreactor. We like the official Raspberry Pi PSUs, available at most retailers that sell the Raspberry Pi.

We aslo recommend a good quality, class 10, microSD card of size 16GB or 32Gb. 

Design and manufactured in Canada 🇨🇦


RoHS complient          European conformity