Grow your cultures, get results, and repeat.

Introducing Pioreactor: the affordable bioreactor. It's user-friendly, flexible, and easy to scale.

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Grow, monitor, and control your cultures

Pioreactor helps you design and observe your experiments.

  • Real-time optical density measurements

    Continuously monitor the density and growth rate of your cultures (yeast, bacteria, and algae)

  • Control temperature

    Manually set or automate your bioreactor's temperature to suit your needs

  • Online platform

    Monitor and control the state of your cultures in Pioreactor’s online platform

  • Scale out

    Create a cluster of Pioreactors and control them in parallel from the online platform

  • Liquid handling

    Add and remove media from your bioreactor using Pioreactor’s pumping system

  • And much more...

    Pioreactor has much more to offer: learn about all of Pioreactor's features

Visualize real-time optical density measurements directly from your Pioreactor in our online platform.

Pioreactor's website that show a dashboard. A chart of growth rates, experiment name, and experiment description are shown.

Designed for researchers, students, and everyone curious about biology.

Illustration of a woman scientist holding a Pioreactor infront of her lab bench

Build a cluster of Pioreactors for your cultures

Horizontally scale your microbiology experiments by connecting together any number of Pioreactors, all controllable from a single interface.

A trio of Pioreactors on a white background.

Automate your experiments

Community plugins

Customize and extend your Pioreactor using one of our community-developed plugins. Develop your own plugins and share with others.

Pumping system

Add and remove media from your bioreactor using Pioreactor’s peristaltic pumps. Activate the pumps manually or on triggers. Calibration is streamlined, too!

Built-in automation

Turn your Pioreactor into a turbidostat, chemostat, night/day photo-bioreactor or define your own automation code using our Python API.