A bioreactor reimagined for today's curious hacker.

This low-cost, easy-to-scale solution is ideal for teaching biology to children, to graduate students, to scaling up a lab, and everything in between: the Pioreactor is accessible by design.

A modern, web-based user interface

Control through automation

The Pioreactor software can automate common types of designs: turbidostat, chemostat, and morbidostats. The Pioreactor exposes up to four luer-lock valves for programmable dosing. Even the LEDs are programmable.

From yeast to bacteria to algae

The eight embedded pockets for LEDs allow for simultaneous cell density measurements, visible light exposure, and luminosity measurements. As the photosynthetic culture grows, the software can automatically maintain constant light levels.

Small footprint on your bench; even smaller on your wallet

The Pioreactor's low cost allows you to scale up an experiment, or provide for an entire classroom of students.

Stirring, optical density, & more

Out of the box, the Pioreactor give you immediate insights into your microbial cultures. However, the Pioreactor is also hackable by design. We've exposed excess inputs, outputs, and software APIs to let you experiment with your novel bioreactor ideas.

Powered by RaspberryPi™

The Pioreactor hardware sits atop any WiFi-enabled RaspberryPi™. This gives the Pioreactor great computing flexibility and a platform for you to build on top of.

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