Top of printed circuit board

A hands-off bioreactor: batch and continuous

The Pioreactor can automate common types of bioreactor designs including batch and continuous cultures. The automated cell density measurements means you can stop sampling cultures every hour.

Yeast, bacteria, and algae

The Pioreactor can be used as a photo-bioreactor, too: the eight embedded pockets for LEDs allow for cell density measurements, visible light exposure, and luminosity measurements.

A modern, web-based interface

Absolute control of each bioreactor

Side of printed circuit board, showing Raspberry Pi underneath.

Powered by Raspberry Pi

The Pioreactor hardware sits atop any WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi (3B, 3A, 4, and Zero W). This gives the Pioreactor great computing flexibility and a platform for you to build on top of.

Why we built on the Raspberry Pi

Stirring, optical density, heating & more

Out of the box, the Pioreactor give you immediate insights into your cultures. However, the Pioreactor is also hackable by design. We've exposed excess hardware inputs, outputs, and software APIs to let you experiment with your novel bioreactor ideas.

Plugins from our community

Have a specific bioreactor need? Discover community-created plugins from our plugin ecosystem and extend the functionality of your Pioreactor. Read more about our plugin system below.

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