Jobs at Pioreactor

Microbiologist (contract)

Pioreactor is look for a microbiologist to help trial our latest bioreactor technology. The microbiologist will be needed on a part-time basis (0-5hr a week) to perform experiments using our products, provide feedback, and meet with us over video calls. The individual will need access to an autoclave / pressure cooker / sterilizer, simple culture media, a computer, and access to a stock microorganism culture. Due to timezone issues and shipping costs, we are looking for someone in Canada or the US.

Nice to haves, but we can help if not present:

  • at least an undergraduate degree in biology. Graduate students welcome!
  • familiarity with RaspberryPis.
  • familiarity with the command line on computers.
  • familiarity with optical density or turbidity as measurements.

Compensation is $40 CAD / hour, and the individual is responsible for tracking their time and billing.

If you are interested, email us at with your resume / CV.

Not seeing anything fit above?

Pioreactor would love to chat with people passionate and excited about combining computer science, statistics, and biology. Drop us a line at