Set up the hardware

A Pioreactor requires three essential hardware elements: a Raspberry Pi, the Pioreactor HAT, and the Pioreactor sleeve. 

The Raspberry Pi is an affordable micro-computer that powers your Pioreactor. The Pioreactor HAT and sleeve are what you'll use to control and monitor your microbes. There are additional hardware elements such as pumps and LEDs that can be attached as well

Diagram of Raspberry Pi and Pioreactor HAT and Pioreactor Sleeve

Visit the Pioreactor interface

Now that you've set up your hardware, you can visit the Pioreactor web interface. The interface is hosted locally, on the Raspberry Pi. This is where you'll go to start activities and monitor your microbial culture.

Control individual Pioreactors from the interface, or control a cluster of Pioreactors in concert.

Pioreactor web interface showing graph of optical density, log table, and experiment description

Dynamically change your bioreactor settings

Using the Pioreactor platform, you can start automations or manually change any of your bioreactor settings. For example, you can adjust temperature, stirring RPM, lighting and pumping all through our online platform.

The many ways to control your Pioreactors, including stirring rates, temperature, and calibration

Export your data

You can visualize your experiment in the Pioreactor platform or export all of your experiment data for further analysis.

Pioreactor web user interface of exporting dataset from your bioreactor