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Expanding Pioreactor's Open-Source Ecosystem

Expanding Pioreactor's Open-Source Ecosystem

Our Pioreactor 20ml is built on so many open source projects and ideas - we can't help but return the favour to the community. That's why, for the past three years, our software has been 100% open source. We've promised to open source more as our company grows, and today is yet another milestone day on that journey. 

Models and print files

For the past year, we've been slowly adding more and more 3D files to our Printables page. Today, we've added the remaining pieces and put them all together into a single project on PrintablesThese files, essential for DIY enthusiasts and researchers, are now more accessible than ever. 

The Pioreactor 20ml project on Printables

PCB designs

We've recently open-sourced the heater PCB design on Github. This release includes the Gerber files and detailed schematics. 

The HAT PCB: A Work in Progress

What about the HAT PCB? Although we are eager to share it with the community, we are working on a few changes to the HAT PCB. Stay tuned for updates as we approach the completion of these changes.

Commitment to open source

Our open-source philosophy extends beyond just sharing files and code. It's about building a community, fostering innovation, and driving progress in the biotech field. We encourage our users to engage with these resources, provide feedback, and even contribute their improvements.