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Introducing Pioreactor

Introducing Pioreactor

We think biology products should be accessible. As lifelong biology enthusiasts, we hit a brick wall with other bioreactors on the market. Commercial bioreactors were out of our reach, with high prices and unnecessary features that were actually a liability. Unable to monitor our microbial cultures efficiently, our projects stalled. That's why we created Pioreactor.

Our mission is to empower scientists, makers, and students with the technology they need to learn, explore and innovate. 

Today, we're excited to launch Pioreactor. The Pioreactor is a micro-bioreactor built on a Raspberry Pi for culturing cells. 

With a Pioreactor, you can:

  • Grow your bacteria, yeast, or algae in a 20mL vial
  • Record optical density in real-time
  • Grow in batch or as a continuous culture
  • Experiment with different environments for your cultures
  • Build a cluster of Pioreactors to scale out your experiments
  • Program custom bioreactor automation using Python 



Building a community is important to us. We've created open discussion areas where Pioreactor users can share ideas and tips. Pioreactor also supports plugins. We've already made a few to help our users customize Pioreactor to their needs, but we hope other users will create plugins and contribute them back to the community. 

This initial launch is just the beginning for Pioreactor. As we look to the future, we want to offer more hardware accessories like new sensors to support gas and pH measurements. We're also working on providing larger volume sizes. On the software side, we're working on adding more built-in analytics so that our users can easily compare experiment results. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us to get to this point. We can't wait to see what you'll create with your Pioreactor. 

Cameron and Evan