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Introducing our Pioreactor 20ml dosing platform

Introducing our Pioreactor 20ml dosing platform

We love compactness. We love when things just fit together. We love protocols! We love open source design! Which is why we put all four of these ideas into our new Pioreactor dosing platform: 

Figure 1. Our new Pioreactor dosing platform
Figure 2. The platform with two peristaltic pumps and a Pioreactor

Let's go through each point of why we are so excited about this:


The platform measures only slightly larger than the Pioreactor itself: 8cm x 12cm. The pumps are snuggly connected to the Pioreactor hat: 

Figure 3. The pumps are powered by the HAT

This design also makes it easy to visually track where media and waste are flowing:

Figure 4. The simple design aids you in determining flow of media in the Pioreactor, and flow of waste out.

Fits together

The platform is made up of modular pieces that fit together using a dovetail design: one piece for the Pioreactor 20ml, and two pieces for our peristaltic pumps.

Figure 5. The three pieces of the platform fit together using dovetails.

The pieces are designed to have tolerances that all them to be 3D printed, and without supports too. 

Design protocols

The dovetail design is part of a larger design protocol. There's already a library of additional pieces that can be fit together:

Figure 6 & 7: The platform with additional pieces. Credit to Chi-Kuo Hu for these designs (and the image)

Open source

Of course, the design is open source, too! The original repository for the design is from the Dormant Bio Lab, and our own Pioreactor platform is available on Printables.

Figure 8: Open source design of the peristaltic pump piece.

Where can I get one?

You can print your own (see the Printables link earlier), or you can purchase them from us, too, in our classic Pioreactor matte-black color!