Pre-orders available for the Pioreactor 20ml!

Pre-orders available for the Pioreactor 20ml!

We are introducing a pre-order system to help you secure your Pioreactor 20ml! We've been working hard to build a sustainable manufacturing process (and navigating around supply chain issues). 

💡 Our current lead time is 6 weeks!

Would my order ship together or separate?

Your entire order will be fulfilled when all line items are available. That means, if you order parts, some which are not in stock at the time, your order will be shipped when all are available. An email will be sent out to you. 

I preordered but see an delivery date that looks soon - is that correct? 

No, unfortunately our shipping estimates don't update with our expected lead time. 

Wait - I still see "Sold out" - I thought I could pre-order?

To limit the rush of pre-orders, we are limiting how big our queue of pre-orders can get. (No plans for a pre-pre-order system...)

Can I cancel my pre-order?

Of course, just email us