Pioreactor 20mL

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Pioreactor 20mL

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The Pioreactor is the beginning of your new perspective on microbiology! It's designed for new students, teachers, and professionals. Build it, learn with it, and extend it to do things you've never done with a bioreactor before. 

The Pioreactor comes in a kit that takes about 15 minutes to assemble, using tools you have at home. 


  • Pioreactor HAT circuit board
  • Heating circuit board
  • Stirring motor
  • Plastic body that fits any model Raspberry Pi
  • Screws and nuts for assembly
  • 2x IR photodiodes
  • 1x IR LED
  • 20mL glass vial and cap with inlet/outlet tubes and male luer locks
  • 15mm stir bar

Not included is a Raspberry Pi, microSD card, or 15W power supply.