Temperature Automations

The heater in the Pioreactor wetware can be programmed to control the temperature of the vial in automated ways. Pioreactor is preprogrammed with the following temperature automations. In the below automations, values highlighted like so are configurable.


The sleep automation is the simplest automation: do not control the temperature in any way. Reading and logging of temperature will still occur. 

PID Stable

    The PID Stable automation will try to maintain a target temperature using a feedback loop. You can select a target temperature (that is above ambient temperature), and the automation will vary the heater to maintain that temperature in the vial. 

    How to change the temperature automation?

    In order to change the temperature automation, the Temperature control activity must first be started. You can see this on the Pioreactor's Edit modal:

    Start the job if not already started

    Next, in the Settings tab, under the heading Temperature automation, click on Change temperature automation:

    From this model, you can start a new temperature automation with given settings.

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