Starting an experiment, start activities, and collect data

Starting an experiment

To start a new experiment, use the "New experiment" button at the top of the Experiment Overview page.

On the next screen, enter your new experiment name (must be unique from prior experiments), and enter an optional description. This description can be changed later (the experiment name cannot be changed later, however). Click "Create"

If you plan on running an experiment with dosing pumps, the Next screen will help you clean and prepare your pumps. Otherwise, you can leave this page. Let's go to Pioreactors page.

Start activities

On the Pioreactors page, you should see at least one Pioreactor under Active Pioreactors. Using the "Manage" button, you can start an activity. Once started, jobs can also be paused (and then resumed) and stopped


The typical sequence of activities to start is:

1. Stirring: this starts the stirring in the Pioreactor. After starting stirring, you can change the stirring speed in the Settings tab. (The default stirring speed can be changed in the configuration).

2. Optical density: this activity turns on the system that measures culture density. Readings will start to populate the Experiment Overview page. It's useful to inspect the first few minutes to readings to ensure things look okay (ex: nothing appears too wild, stirring is not too fast or slow, etc.)

3. Growth Rate: this activity requires that stirring and optical density be running as well. This starts the calculation of a normalized optical density, and the implied growth rate. 

4. Any other activity. Any of the automations can be started, and their settings can be changed under the Settings tab. 

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