Media preparation

Single vial


  • YPD media
  • Vial and cap
  • air filters
  • stir bar


  1. Add the stir bar to a clean, empty Pioreactor vial.
  2. Add ~1/8 tsp of YPD to the vial.
  3. Add water until just over 3/4 full (about 14mL). The water can be from any source (tap, bottled, distilled, etc.)
  4. Attach the air filters to the cap. Attach the cap onto the vial. 
  5. Wipe off any extra water on the side and bottom of vial.
  6. Place directly on stove, and turn stove onto medium-high heat. 
    • If using an induction stove, you can place the vial in a dry pan 
  7. As the vial heats up, any clumps of YPD should start to dissolve. You may need to give it a slight shake, careful as it's hot
  8. The liquid will come to a boil after a few minutes. 
  9. Once the liquid in the vial has come to a boil, carefully remove it from the stove by picking it up from the air filters. (Note: too much exposure to heat will destroy the sugars in the YPD, so we want to avoid keeping it hot for too long).
  10.  Let cool. After a few minutes, you can put it in a dish of cool water to speed up the cooling.
  11. Once near room temperature (at most only slightly warm to the touch), add a very small amount of yeast. If using dried yeast, give in a few minutes to dissolve with some gentle rocking. 
  12. Give the outside glass a wipe to remove any fingerprints and debris. You can now add the vial to the Pioreactor. 


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