Frequently asked questions

When will the Pioreactor be available?

Whenever it's ready. This year, 2021, sometime. 

Sorry for being so broad, but we don't want to commit to a timeline just yet! 

How much will it cost?

Definitely less than $100 CAD / $80 USD / $65 EUR. Our goal is to make the Pioreactor as accessible as possible. 

What features will it have?

A lot is still being considered, but 

  • real-time optical density
  • real-time growth rates
  • web-based interface
  • control over stir rates
  • how and when dosing occurs
  • control of embedded LEDs (for example, in photo-bioreactors)
  • control of temperature and heating
  • communication between Pioreactors
  • data exports to csv
  • data backups

If you want to contribute to features, please fill out this form.

What is the volume of the bioreactor?

The Pioreactor holds 20mL glass vials, but we recommend filling it to 12-16mL max. However, you can pair the Pioreactor with any larger bioreactor and still use all the features of the Pioreactor: using the Pioreactor as an inline sensor for larger bioreactors.

Is is easy to clean / reusable?

Yes, the glass vial and cap can be removed, cleaned, and autoclaved. 

Where can I watch development?

We develop the hardware and software on Github. We also post on our blog

Where are you located?

Proudly based in Waterloo, Canada. Want to work together? Email me, Cameron, at! 

Is it open source?

Our software is open source, with an API and plug-in system for users to build software on top of.