Adding and removing cards

The Experiment Overview page gives you insight into who the latest experiment is performing. Depending on your experiment, you may want to ad or remove cards from the page.

In the config.ini file, which can be edited on the Configuration page, you'll find sections labelled ui.overview.*. Entries under these sections can be toggled on and off (1 for on, 0 for off).

Relabel Pioreactors temporarily

The Pioreactor has a permanent name (provided by the RaspberryPi), but you may want to relabel Pioreactors on the overview to make it easier to analyze and understand your experiments. You can choose to relabel all, none, or a subset of Pioreactors under the ui.rename section in the config.ini file, which can be edited on the Configuration page. The new labels will show up in the Experiment Overview and Pioreactors page. They will not be relabelled in the exported data, however.

The new labels will appear on the Pioreactors and Experiment Overview page: