The Pioreactor is used as a reliable and versatile tool in a brewery's yeast management lab. As a benchtop bioreactor, the Pioreactor enables breweries to compare yeast performances in different worts, temperatures, etc. This reduces wasted runs of expensive materials.

As an inline sensor, the Pioreactor gives you information about the stage of your yeast during the yeast propagation step up process. For example, the Pioreactor will flow a small amount of your yeast starter through our sensors continuously, and report back to you in the Pioreactor web interface how much yeast has been grown, and where the yeast is in its lifecycle (lag, exponential, stationary), so you can time your next propagation cycle perfectly. 

If you have the initial cell density of your original pitch, the Pioreactor will provide you will estimates of final cell density, which you can use in the next yeast propagation step. This is a much more reliable method than trying to back out some estimate from gravity readings, and has no risk of contamination. 

For fermenters, the Pioreactor can also be used as a measure of beer clarity. By cycling a small amount of fermenting beer/wort through the Pioreactor, the sensors will measure optical clarity over time.