Biology is both a familiar and alien technology, and one that deserves to be understood more. From our own experiences, we had trouble practicing biology when the requirement was spending thousands of dollars on equipment. Tutorials online demonstrated how we could build our own lab equipment, but it would take weeks to build a possibly-unreliable product. Our goal was to save people like us both time and money: instead spending hundreds of hours learning and building a prototype, or spending thousands of dollars on expensive equipment, let's provide them an alternative: affordable, well thought-out, and easy-to-use biology products. Hence, we started Pioreactor:


Pioreactor is excited to be part of the trends towards democratizing biology. Just like how the release of the Raspberry Pi microcomputer sparked the imagination of programmers, hardware hackers, and others, we want the Pioreactor to be a platform for a new field of imagination involving microbiology. We're witnessing a growing interest in individuals involved in fermentation, biology tools becoming commoditized and available, and new knowledge about how microbes interact with humans and the planet. We designed the Pioreactor to be accessible, so anyone in the world can contribute to the growing excitement around microbiology and biotech. 

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We're a company of 2, and located in Waterloo, Canada. Feel free to drop us an email at!