Pioreactor codebase

To install the Pioreactor codebase locally, it should be enough to clone the repo pioreactor/pioreactor, and run python3 install locally. From here, jobs can be run (using an internal mocked GPIO) with TESTING=1 EXPERIMENT=exp HOSTNAME=testing_unit pio run <jobname>


We use pytest. It's advisable to run tests one at a time for now. py.test -k test_pause_stirring_mid_cycle -s


You probably need to set up MQTT locally. On OSX, homebrew can be used to install mosquitto. Also enable logging in /usr/local/etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf, ex:

log_dest file /Users/camerondavidson-pilon/.mosquitto/log

mosquitto_pub and mosquitto_sub work as well.


See READMEs in (including the subfolders client and backend)

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